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How to get it working:

  • Landsbankinn API client for arbitrary transaction lists
  • Transform raw transactions into friendlier ones (i.e. date objects)
  • Content script that can run all the time and puts a button somewhere (statements tab, and extension icon)
  • Use config.ts to set TTL for state
  • Background page that downloads all the shit and combines into CSV, then 'downloads' file.
  • Build up communication message passing to background page for downloads
  • Don't run level on client.
  • Investigate persistent = false + setTimeout

    • Maybe can force clear state when page reloads itself?
    • Change ready true/false to lock state, of not updated, updating, ready
  • Graphql API client to get information about user, like listing accounts.

    • Get working client
    • Set API key
    • Set bearer token
    • Intercept bearer token by yoinking it out of a request