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## Running
The application can be easily deployed to and run from a web server.
Simply clone the repository to a web server and serve the directory.
The application requires Yarn to build. Once it is installed, run
`yarn build` to build the bundle. Upload everything in the `dist/`
directory to a webserver and serve the directory as static files.
## Technologies
This small project is partly a playground for over-engineering. The
technologies used are:
- **XSLT and XML:** Ancient, but still working in all browsers.
Easiest way to parse and view the backup files.
- **Typescript:** It's JavaScript, but better.
- **SASS**: It's CSS, but better.
- **Parcel:** Bundling tool with minimal configuration required to
build the web application.
- **Dexie (IndexedDB):** For saving previously-viewed backup files.
- **Bootstrap:** I am not good at making beautiful websites.
Bootstrap almost makes it look like I know what I'm doing.
## License
This software is open source softare, licensed under the AGPLv3. See
the `LICENSE` file for details.