Personal gentoo overlay
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Personal Gentoo overlay, focusing mostly on needed tools and compatibility for the Librem 14 computer.

Available packages:

  • dev-util/rust-analyzer-bin: A properly versioned ebuild of rust-analyzer-bin.
  • sys-kernel/librem-ec-acpi: An ebuild packaging the Librem 14 EC ACPI kernel module, necessary for proper functioning of the laptop's battery charging and function keys.

How to Add This Repository

Using eselect-repository:

# eselect repository add projectmoon git

Using the Librem EC ACPI kernel module

The Librem EC ACPI kernel module should install and be automatically available (via modprobe) after installation, using emerge sys-kernel/librem-ec-acpi. The module is currently installed to /lib/modules/<kernel>/librem/.

When upgrading or installing a new kernel, you will need to do emerge @modules-rebuild to install the module for the new kernel.