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🔥 MSN Viewer

A simple web-based utility for reading MSN Messenger backup files. Entirely local, no data is uploaded. Easy to run: a single page, vanilla JavaScript, and a little bit of Bootstrap on top.


The application requires Yarn to build. Once it is installed, run yarn build to build the bundle. Upload everything in the dist/ directory to a webserver and serve the directory as static files.


This small project is partly a playground for over-engineering. The technologies used are:

  • XSLT and XML: Ancient, but still working in all browsers. Easiest way to parse and view the backup files.
  • Typescript: It's JavaScript, but better.
  • SASS: It's CSS, but better.
  • Parcel: Bundling tool with minimal configuration required to build the web application.
  • Dexie (IndexedDB): For saving previously-viewed backup files.
  • Bootstrap: I am not good at making beautiful websites. Bootstrap almost makes it look like I know what I'm doing.


This software is open source softare, licensed under the AGPLv3. See the LICENSE file for details.