360 Commits (master)

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projectmoon 552daa4746 Add a game system column to room info (#95) 6 months ago
projectmoon c514b85510 Change modifier order in Cthulhu 9 months ago
projectmoon 6eb81f43d5 Change CofD modifiers to come after dice pool 9 months ago
projectmoon 44b1e0f649 Switch to working (but somewhat bigger) Void docker image 9 months ago
projectmoon a8ccdc9cce Update rust test image version for CI. 9 months ago
projectmoon 13ce7b3ee6 Readme update (aka force build) 9 months ago
projectmoon 6f09a11586 Upgrade to matrix SDK 0.4. 9 months ago
projectmoon ee3ec18e06 Refactor keep-drop parsing into function, better error handling. (#93) 11 months ago
projectmoon 126548d868 Do not panic on invalid dice/sides amount for keep/drop. 11 months ago
Matthew Sparks 7e7e9e534e Adding None enum to keep/drop, cleaning up matches 11 months ago
Matthew Sparks 2d9853fbf0 Updating README for new drop command 11 months ago
Matthew Sparks 3d6210b32d Adding enum for exclusive drop/keep 11 months ago
Matthew Sparks 8b5973475f Forgot to fix tests, fixing keep/drop Err case 11 months ago
Matthew Sparks 1992ef4e08 Updating roll doc 11 months ago
Matthew Sparks f904e3a948 Updating match blocks for keep/drop 11 months ago
Matthew Sparks 8317f40f61 Updating README for keep/drop 11 months ago
Matthew Sparks 069ee47364 Adding drop function 11 months ago
Matthew Sparks dc242182f4 Fix string comparison in keep/count check, and add test cases 11 months ago
Matthew Sparks 15163ac11d Adding calculations for keep, and adding validation on keep input 11 months ago
Matthew Sparks 1860eaf378 Adding parsing for keeping highest dice 11 months ago
Matthew Sparks 2654887d8c Initial commit to add keep to dice struct and preserve parser test cases 11 months ago
projectmoon 125f3d0cee Fix drone yml to produce docker images again. 11 months ago
projectmoon a4c3d34a97 Version 0.13.1 11 months ago
projectmoon 86fbb05e54 Run Drone CI on tags 11 months ago
projectmoon 661a943672 Readme Updates (#91) 11 months ago
projectmoon d65715dee6 Remove example room ID from tonic_client 11 months ago
projectmoon 55a3bfb861 Update readme for crates.io installation. 11 months ago
projectmoon 0050810182 Fix dicebot readme link 11 months ago
projectmoon 3ba546d4a4 Add metadata to rpc package. 11 months ago
projectmoon ffded7b572 Add metadata to rpc package. 11 months ago
projectmoon cf93d14913 Version 0.13.0 11 months ago
projectmoon cf6dd96b34 Update sqlx and refinery to newer versions (#88) 11 months ago
projectmoon c8c6f4d6f0 Fix dependency specification for rpc crate in dicebot. 11 months ago
projectmoon 2488429edb Version 0.12.0 11 months ago
projectmoon f68d5ffcc1 Update to versioned matrix SDK. 11 months ago
projectmoon 473e899275 Merge branch 'kg333-master' 11 months ago
projectmoon 1f03837bfe Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/kg333/matrix-dicebot into kg333-master 11 months ago
projectmoon 0059e3d133 Revert "Initial prototype of web UI and web API." 11 months ago
matthew 915b82d0aa Updating GPG key server; sks-keyservers.net is offline permanently 12 months ago
projectmoon cab856241d Initial prototype of web UI and web API. 1 year ago
projectmoon 764426382a Convert project to workspace with Tonic for gRPC. (#84) 1 year ago
projectmoon b4321721c4 Minor documentation update. 1 year ago
projectmoon 494d28486e Remove Box<dyn Command> conversion impls for map in macro. 1 year ago
projectmoon b7393c1907 Use active room in relevant commands. 1 year ago
projectmoon 3d2eb14cd3 Change room in context to origin_room, add active_room. 1 year ago
projectmoon 53339282e0 Actually set room when running SetRoomCommand (#79) 1 year ago
projectmoon 7050cf037a Remove return statements in Fuseable impl for room search. 1 year ago
projectmoon 0c0ddafd03 Search for rooms closure as a separate variable. 1 year ago
projectmoon 7f0bdc1e82 Unit test for search_rooms 1 year ago
projectmoon 0ca7ad4db0 Minor fix to command logging. 1 year ago